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Provide an event management and safety keynote speaker your audience will love. Let Mark Catuogno, CGSP make your next meeting wonderful!

Mark Catuogno, CGSP is a competent-proven Event Management and Logistics specialist, Certified Safety Professional, and peoples (event) problem solver that find a lot of satisfaction in upgrading the knowledge of event professionals because it’s all about making them help people stay safe and happy.

Need a great guest speaker to deliver rare insights in Event Management, Event Safety and Logistics from the frontlines to your guest?

Want your guests to have practical takeaways as to the “Hows,” “What,” “Why,” “When”, “Who” and many more without having their intelligence insulted by washed-down rhetoric or carefully orchestrated marketing upsells?

You could opt for a regular event proor speaker and it could turn out great. But as experiences have shown, it most likely won’t.

Public awareness and demand for safety at events, plus businesses trying to beat the rat race by delivering epic events within their budget is driving an increase in demand for event management, safety and logistics capacity building. Not surprising, tons of agencies, freelancers, and generalist speakers are out of their burrows to provide “cookie-cutter,” cheap speaking services.

Their deliveries often feel like a damp, loose hand shake. Tentative and lacking in conviction. And yes, they all “sound familiar.”

You see, translating classroom theory into insightful, knowledge-uplifting nuggets to a group with the sort of communication that can elevate any individual or team to the top requires a special kind of character.

Degrees are not enough, a fancy suit won’t cut it, and randomly picking from a pool of so-called gurus is a flawed approach. Nailing the right event management, safety, and logistics speaker for your next meeting is arguably important if you must see returns on your investment.

When you need just a chance to get your choice for a specialist event management, safety and logistics keynote speaker right, Mark Catuogno, CGSP is your man!

Mark Catuogno, CGSP – Mark as he is fondly called, provides speaking sessions which focus on stimulating reasoning (helping his listeners think outside the box) as well as helping them sharpen the various skill-sets required to pull off successful events without blowing a load of cash.

Post his sessions, participants become confident in their abilities to plan, organize, and execute the sum of the parts that lead to secure and safe public or private events for guests and all concerned.

Most importantly, by sharing real life experiences and leading his listeners to reverse-engineer mega, five-star events he and others have chaperoned, participants are able to discover hacks, best-practices, and little-shared processes that they can adapt to identify potential risk hazards and determine how to control or remove the associated threats to make any kind of meeting or festival enjoyable and unforgettable.

As a resource person, his forte is developing very effective tools and techniques to communicate

Mark is an expert that is a firm believer in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) as well as learning through experience and he ensures his education reflects this.

Hands-on experience, Trend-led expertise, and Time-tested professional

Mark Catuogno, CGSP walks the talk as the CEO of MC Event Consulting – a multi-disciplinary event agency respected for helping individuals and businesses of all sizes in New York and beyond create and deliver memorable events.

Mark says: “In my years of planning and organizing events, whether it includes management, event safety or logistics, no two project, client, and challenges are the same. Every case is unique and substantially different. My role is to apply my experience to objectively analyze needs and propose solutions fit for satisfactory implementation.”

With 5+ years’ experience in the industry, Mark is a true veteran of the trade. Since Digital Marketing became the thing, Mr. Catuogno has pursued a vision to deliver real results is areas of Production Management, Event Sales, Event Management, Sound Reinforcement, and Live Events. Strong program and project management.

Whether it is from the forefront as an on-site Event Manager or through coordinating strategic sessions for fundraising, budgeting, marketing, or outreach with partners as CEO MC Event Consulting, Mark’s goal has always remained the same: A successful event that ticks all the right boxes. This includes helping event owners save time and money as well as take the hassle out of every area of organizing an event in addition to ensuring guests feel and experience something truly magical.

His experience includes developing and executing wow-worthy conferences, birthdays, charity events, surprise parties, trade shows, sales meetings, business meetings, employee appreciation events, and festivals.

Education and Continuous Learning

Not only is Mark’s experience covet-worthy, his hunger to learn is humbling as well. Mr. Catuogno is a graduate of Iona College where he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Field Management Information Systems and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree program in Emergency and Disaster Management and Homeland Security at the American Military University.

Additionally, Mark has a Certificate in Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management from American Military University. His education has equipped him with the knowledge of disaster planning, risk assessment, emergency operations, crisis communication, public policy, and disaster mitigation and recovery which is handy in helping prepare professionals from every kind of industry to understand, respond to, and manage a crisis.

There is more:

A great influencer driving result and pushing forward the boundaries of positive change!

A vital skill set lacking in the tool-box of most event planning and management team today by far is “an ability to anticipate and put in place beforehand measures to prevent, mitigate, and control unforeseen circumstances.”

Mark therefore brings his trove of capabilities to help participants learn what is needed and even those you are not aware of in a succinct, upbeat, and entertaining manner. He highlights nuances and differentiating factors that separates a peach event from a “would-have-been.”

He delights in a light-bulb moment – by holding you, your team, or participants by the hand, he’ll unravel in simple terms how to dominate your market place, beat competition and improve your bottom-line sustainably and consistently.

Respected by industry experts, admired by his peers and appreciated by clients, Mark comes across as a problem solver who is unashamedly proud of his duties. As one of his clients summarizes: “Mark is able to handle challenging in-person or over the phone issues with professionalism. Once he is given a project, he will complete it ahead of schedule and ask if there are any other additional projects that need assistance.”

In addition to upgrading the knowledge of audiences in the field of event safety and management, Mark is selfless and enjoys serving his community every now and then.His voluntary service experience includes:

Serving as Board Member

Company Name: SEARCH Foundation – The SEARCH Foundation exists to assist special event, meeting, catering and hospitality professionals faced with a crisis, whether it be a life-threatening illness or any catastrophic disaster. The SEARCH 100 is the flagship donor program where 100% of the proceeds go directly back to the crisis fund.

With his cutting-edge expertise, wealth of experience, and communication prowess, Mark Catuognos’ ability to blow the mind of your audience is not in doubt. Luckily for you, he is on a march against the current status quo of expensive keynote speakers that deliver less value and makes a point to go the extra-mile to pull-back the curtains on insights that mystifies experts. This makes him a rebellious kind. 

I believe that’s what you need from your guest speaker.

But there is a catch:

Time is of the essence – Mark is crossing off dates on his calendar. You need to book an appointment early.

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