About Us

Thinking of a sustainable, yet extraordinary event management solution? That’s us! And we are MC Event Consulting, here is a little bit about us.

MC Event Consulting was established because excellence driven sustainable event management as you would love it did not exist.

From inception, it was evident that we wanted to create an event consulting firm that offers full-cycle event services for all occasions to first class travel management for every kind of traveler, great event management for one-of-a-kind events, and bespoke meeting operations cut to meet the demands of today’s world.

And when it comes to everything in-between, we’ve assembled a team you can’t beat to come up with solutions on the fly.

As a service provider all of our services are a product of well thought out processes, careful planning, and attention to detail. Where the delivery reflects years of experience and lessons learned along the way, where you would enjoy working with professionals that enjoy doing what they do, know what they do, and leave you with satisfaction for all the right reasons because you loved what they did.

We strive to make MC Event Consulting is that kind of service provider.

Our services are tailor-made to suit your requirements, needs, and goals. But still, we love to help those who’ve got no idea where to start from our friendly, helpful, and courteous event consultants will be glad to lead the way.

With each client, we focus on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction built on innovation, excellent service delivery, and excellent programs with a special bias towards sustainable ideas and solutions delivered on-time and on-budget too.

Annual Conferences, parties, dinners, product launches, whatever your idea, however you call it, and wherever you’re planning it, one thing is sure we’ll help your event fulfill its purpose. No common concepts, no ambiguous themes, just a well-articulated solution to tilt the odds in your favor.

We are very particular about creating an event that’s both a statement and the start of a trend. Our staff is highly creative and resourceful, and we pack some of the most excellent tools of the trade. Add that to our extensive knowledge of the industry, and you’ll quickly discover why MC Event Consulting is the brand to choose when it comes to sustainable event management.

Ultimately we hope our commitment to you and the success of your event reflects in your guest’s experiences and all those involved having the time of their lives.



Our vision is to be an event consulting firm for networking and discussion around sustainable event management as we bring sustainability in event management.



To be a go-to global events management consulting firm competitors and clients will come to look up to us for innovative services, exceptional service delivery and extraordinary solutions on all occasions.