Event Safety

Receptionist measuring temperature of female employee at office's entrance - with face mask

Prevent your next event from becoming a nightmare – protect yourself from costly expenditure and avoidable liabilities

Employing someone to mind your event is mission-critical and the most important decision you will ever make

Events by nature are big! They’re massive undertakings that require sometimes hundreds of hours of careful planning and preparation. The task is daunting to say the least. If you try to do it yourself, you may succeed in pulling it off, but most likely, you’ll leave those all too important stones unturned.

Those little details such as security and safety you just didn’t know were so important because you lack the specialized know-how! And with event safety, tiny details can put you in the spotlight for good or bad. Ignore them, and your event risk making the evening news for the wrong reasons. The costs of safety failings, attributed accidents, complaints in events etc. can rise up-to 20% of an organization’s turnover. Failing to correctly identify risks and provide guests and equipment with logical, robust, and effective safety management strategy is often the root cause. So how do you stack the odds in your favor?

Allow MC Event Consulting Event Safety Management professionals worry about your event – it’s cheaper and guarantees your peace of mind!

After putting the time, money and energy into your event, why leave anything to chance?

Rise in crime, sabotage, and acts of terrorism means major incidents are a constant threat to any event. That include yours, no matter the size or occasion.

Event Safety Management is something that you should leave to the professionals.


As safety risks increase and become more common, we’ll help you properly plan and prepare to provide the safest event possible through our comprehensive event safety management strategies.

Our services continuously evolve and are trend-led to eliminate safety concerns and achieve a zero-harm event for you and your guests. For example, social media is the buzz today, and can impact behavior and size of a crowd quickly in real time – with us in your corner, you won’t be caught off-guard because our competence would provide you with accurate predictions and also help you put appropriate measures in place to deal with any associated risk.

And because we ensure that strategy and application are aligned to your needs, guests, or business operations, your desire for a happy ending becomes seamless. Plus, you will see a significant improvement in reliability, zero-downtime and lowered expenditure.

Risk Assessment, Planning, and competence is the key to the success of your event whether it’s a trade show, anannual business meeting, a roast in honor of a CEO, a hospitality event for your clients. And it is in these areas that our safety experts come into their own. With years of experience behind them, they are able to “see the larger picture” and identify vulnerabilities faster. Plus, chances are we’ve handled a project similar to your event in the past which means we can get it right in record time at half

the cost on the first try. When it comes to hosting a event, this is a biggie. You have only one chance to get it right, and it’s all we need.

Using our dedicated event safety team gives you direct contact to resource knowledge and expertise to ensure your day runs smoothly. We’re best for:

  • Development of event timelines
  • Needs assessments relating to power, equipment, and personnel
  • Risk and Hazard Identification, Analysis and logging
  • Identification of necessary emergency items
  • Crowd Psychology and Crowd Management
  • Equipment Safety and Tracking
  • Determination of designated responsibilities
  • Coordinating and Provision of clear leadership in situations involving multiple security partners
  • Determination and allocation of resources to meet the event’s safety needs
  • Permit Management
  • Liability prevention
  • Event safety and riot prevention
  • Alcohol and unruly behavior management
  • PR and Social Media Management

The best decision you’ll make – it’s a no brainer really!

With strict budget allocations and high expectations for less, pulling off a successful event while ensuring safety and near zero to zero liability feels like asking you to walk on water. You need a reliable partner or else you’re heading for the bottom. And at MC Event Consulting, we like to see ourselves as one.

Our hands-on and trend-led professionals with background in security, event planning and management, law enforcement, litigation and so on brings to the table unbeatable expertise you can count on to help you solve your event safety and security needs without lifting a finger.

MC Event Consulting specific Event Safety Management benefits include:

  • One point of contact as a direct resource for all your questions and queries.
  • Flexible meeting arrangements at your convenience that fit in with your busy lifestyle.
  • On-demand inspiration and custom-fit support. We’ll share our wealth of our knowledge and event management expertise to help you create an event of life.
  • Access to our approved and vetted list of vendors and suppliers.
  • Negotiated discounts helping you get the most out of your budget.
  • Time saving – Complete pre-event research, background-checks, and investigations on venues, suppliers, and locations. Plus, appointment scheduling.
  • Support throughout, from start to finish we’ll be on hand to help you navigate the day successfully.
  • Transparent services, unbeatable prices, and on-demand expertise. While others sweat and worry from visiting multiple services or regarding price, you can let your hair down knowing your even it is in capable hands that pride themselves in a reputation for excellence.

Safe and Secure Events you see around don’t happen by chance.

MC Event Consulting have all you need to make certain your event is a success too!

Our affordable well-thought-out event safety management services will not only guarantee your event ends well, they will also help you keep more money in your pocket, save you time and help you avoid headaches. Hype? No Sir. We stand behind our word with guarantees! Get in touch now and enjoy a taste of what world class event safety management feels like – talk to one of our event safety specialists here.