Hotel Sourcing & Room Block Management

Professional Hotel Sourcing & Event Room Block Management Services

Professional Hotel Sourcing

A great hotel can genuinely elevate your event experience! Grab it at the best prices with our hotel sourcing and event room block management services, tailored to your needs.

We’re an experienced hotel sourcing agency that helps clients with the uncertain and tedious process of finding the right hotel at the right price and amenities without any hassles. From hotel contract negotiations to RFP creation and distribution, we have nailed the hotel sourcing process for our corporate.

We provide services for efficiently managing room occupancies with our astute technology products. As a result, you’re always in control of the guest check-in, communication, and requests so that you can ensure a worthwhile experience for them.

With so many hotels offering tempting luxuries, finding the one place that does it all can be challenging. And even then, guaranteeing the best outcomes could get quite strenuous.

But we have accustomed ourselves to hotel contract negotiation tips and tricks to clench you a special deal from hundreds of online offers. We leverage our expansive network to churn out affordable options that make no compromise on hotel quality. We put in all the legwork that is required.

Discover the best hotel and deliver the best room experience with our expert hotel sourcing agency!At MC Event Consulting, we want our guests and clients to have a comfortable experience as they host their events at the country’s best hotels. Our hotel contract negotiation and site selection services are in place to ensure you’re paying for what you get. We’re masters in marrying your expectations with the hotel site you book!
Site Selection Consultants
Site Selection Consultants - Event Room Block Management

Rely on us to select the best site for your next corporate or social event! No need to wrap your brain around competitive pricing, negotiations, and location management. We do it all for you with a promise of a suitable site that always fits the bill.

You can also access our analytics dashboards to see how the room blocks perform. So keep attrition to a minimum, keep room inventory close at hand and stay in charge of your bookings in advance.

Plan your next event with us, and you’ll know why we’re famous around the nation for memorable experiences for guests to hosts!

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