Must-See Places When You Travel to Turkey 

Travel to Turkey

There are so many ways to enjoy the captivating landscapes when you travel to Turkey. Whether hiking on land or floating through the air, the views of Cappadocia and the countryside are exhilarating. Traveling to the city of Istanbul? It’s thriving with world-class landmarks such as the Grand Bizarre and Blue Mosque. There are many options for adventure in this historical region, but to make planning your trip easier we narrowed it down to just a few that you must do while on your Turkish holiday! 

Best Time To Travel to Turkey 

Before we dive into the must-see places when you travel to Turkey, let’s explore the best time to visit. The best time frames to travel to Turkey are  March-May or September – November. These windows avoid the heat of the summer and the cold lows of the Turkish Winter.  You will also avoid the busiest seasons (June-August) and the muggy heat during that time. In both March-May and September – November the daytime highs will range between the 50s-70s during both times. It’s important to note that traveling during September – November could mean you experience rain on your trip, so be sure to pack an umbrella. If a little rain doesn’t bother you this is an optimal time to visit as the flights and hotel rates are slightly lower.

Must-See Places When You Travel to Turkey

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! We’re diving into the top 5 experiences you must see on your adventure! Let’s jump in. 

The Hagia Sophia 

Our CEO, Mark Catuogno, recently visited Istanbul, he enjoyed the many sites and experiences but this cathedral was at the top of his list! The Hagia Sophia was constructed in 537 AD and is arguably the single greatest architectural masterpiece that came out of the Byzantine Empire. It also served a great purpose during the Ottoman Empire. Give yourself a couple of hours to fully explore the complex history of the Hagia Sophia and enjoy the wonder and details packed with elements of both Christain and Islamic religions. 

Mark took the above photograph on his recent trip, the details in this ceiling show just how beautiful Hagia Sophia is. 

Balloons at Dawn in Cappadocia

You’ll need to arrive at this destination early. We promise the sunset viewpoint is worth setting an early alarm! Getting a glimpse of the more than 100 hot air balloons floating above the Cappadocia scenery is worth it. You won’t even need the extra coffee, just the sight of the balloons with their colors magnified by the first splashes of sunlight, are guaranteed to wake you up. Talk about an Instagram-worthy picture!

The best time to catch this magnificent view is about a half-hour after dawn. Always plan ahead and check with your hotel staff the night before to make sure the balloons will be flying. 

Travel Tip: You’ve watched the balloons, now ride them! Again, this is an experience best done at dawn. Most hotels offer transportation to take to the boarding spots. At that point, you’ll hop on a balloon with more than a dozen other passengers. Start your day gliding past treetops and canyon walls. It will be one of the highlights of your trip and an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

This bustling shopping center is a must-see attraction in the heart of Istanbul. This bazaar was founded in 1461, and it is the largest covered market in the entire world at just under 31,000 square meters. The Grand Bazaar is packed full of local vendors. It’s a great place to experience the tastes and cultures of Turkey. There are over 4,000 shops to explore in this wonderland, making it a great place to pick up a unique souvenir. Plan to spend a couple of hours here, this Bazaar can feel like a maze and it can be hard to navigate as few of the streets and alleys are marked. 

Travel Tip: When traveling to the Grand Bazaar, watch your valuables and be aware of your surroundings, it is well known for having a high concentration of pickpockets waiting to take advantage of tourists. 

Hike and See at Red & Rose Valley

Red & Rose Valley is a must-see when you Travel to Turkey. Located just outside of the town of Goreme, in Cappadocia, you’ll find the natural beauty of blue skies, green valleys, and unique pink-colored rocks. Red & Rose valley earns its name from the stunning pinkish rocks. The rocks seem to change their tones throughout the day depending on how the light hits. Rose & Red Valley is known as one of the best hiking spots in Cappadocia, but the real experience is catching a sunset on the landscape. Be sure to go early enough to find a great spot to view nature’s show, as this popular destination fills up quickly with tourists and locals alike!

Travel Tip: Get the best views over the Rose Valley at Panorama Point. There are friendly vendors here selling fruits and souvenirs, as well as comfy seats on the valley’s edge for you to sit back, eat your fruit and sip a drink while watching the sunset. What more could you ask for?

Experience Turkish Tea Time

Tea gardens or çay bahçesi are a staple in Turkish culture. It’s a social occasion that has been around for centuries. Bebek Kahve is one of Istanbul’s premier locations to experience tea time. Bebek Kahve is nestled in a calm cove along the Bosporus. The location offers an unparalleled vantage point of nature and the city surroundings. This is a great stop to sit down, unwind and really soak in all that Turkey has to offer. 

Travel Tip: Bebek Kahve offers much more than Turkish tea, a great time to go is for brunch and try many of the local delicacies while enjoying the views!

Conclusion Must-See Attractions in Turkey: 

There you have it, the top 5 must-see places in Turkey! This historical country offers so many great experiences from stunning seaside landscapes to historical attractions there is something for everyone! Are you interested in traveling to Turkey? We’d love to help! Contact our expert travel advisors now to get started!